Recent trip to South Wales

I can move house easily which I have done numerous times due to army life as well as many times before. I can even move whole countries, but going on a holiday does stress me out so we never really go. As an introvert I prefer my own four walls and little contact to others. But, little one wanted a holiday somewhere with a beach so we picked South Wales. It was not our first choice, but Cornwall was booked out. It would probably have been to busy for my liking anyway.

Just watching the waves role in listing to the sound.



One top of a hill with a breathtaking view.


Pembrokeshire Castle


Ups, a little shopping. I do like a bit of incense 🙂


Messing around in the sand.


Selfie 😉. My reflection in a jellyfish.


There are people swimming in the sea only wearing a bathing suit instead of wet suit. Brrrrr! I can feel the cold through my wellies and two pair of socks. No, hang on! That is wrong. I can feel the cold water because there seems to be a whole in my wellies. Damn it! 


We booked for 7 days, but came back after 6. I had reached my limit and needed to get back to my own home and hearth to recharge my batteries. I spent the week with slight stomach cramps which stopped as soon as we got home.

All in all a nice trip and a nice place. The cottage we rented had all the basics we needed and I would do it again. Just not to soon 😉.

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