Invite the Angels


A simple ritual from the book Angel and Craft Healing (by Marie Bruce/ p. 22) to “officially” invite the celestial beings into my life. You start off with a 20 minutes meditation to raise awareness of the angelic dimensions. This is then followed by the:


Spell to invite the angels in

Purpose of the ritual: To send an invitation to the angels.

Items required: White candle or tead light with suitable holder, stick of your favourite incense with holder.

  • Having carried out the meditation, you should feel relaxed and calm. Breathe deeply for a few minutes until you are centred.
  • Now light a white candle or tea-light with a suitable holder and focus on the flame for a short while.
  • Next light a stick of your favourite incense and place this in a suitable holder too. Incense has long been used as a way of carring our wishes and prayers up to divinity and the higher dimensions.
  • When you feel ready, bring to mind the image of an angel. Try to envision this angel as clearly and in as much detail as possible. Keep this image in your mind’s eye for it represents not only your guardian angel, but all the angels in existence.
  • Now call the angels into your life using the follwoing incantation:

Featherd wings of angel choirs,

I call you here in this hour.

I invite you into my life and pray

That our bond grows stronger day by day.

Angel hosts, now gather round,

May your guidance keep me safe and sound.

Hail and welcome. Blessed be.

  • Allow the candle and incense to burn down.


As usual, use common sense for candles and incense. If the time does not allow it to let them burn down because you have to leave then DON’T leave them. Use the write-up as inspiration and change it how ever it suits you best.


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