Mindy Misfit

Inspired by the book Creative Embellishing by Tracy Terry (found in our library), I went and made my first little bunny of my own. Her little woollen bunny can be found on page 164, but I took it slightly further and the sky is really the limit.

#1 in the

Crazy Bunch Collection:

So here are the first steps to blow life into a little critter. I used fabric from an old fleece. It is completely up to you how big you make it.



She is slowly taken shape.

s19 s20 s21 s22

And here is the finished result.

Mindy Misfit


Use any left overs you find, buttons, lace …. Go as crazy as you like because this is what it is all about (for me anyway).


My husband finds her slightly freaky and apparently she looks like a bunny on acid. I am shocked ! How dare he? He seems to be missing the point that this IS the point.


I already caught our little daughter cuddling with little Mindy Misfit, so she can’t be that bad 😉.

Problems I had:

  • I left the opening to small to turn her inside out. I had to open the seam again a bit more because the stitching on the patches came off when trying to pull her through.
  • My bondaweb is somewhere packed in the garage which would have given the edges of the patches a better chance not to fray. I should have waited until I go to the fabric shop week to get some more (easier than going through the boxes in the garage), but impatience drove me to making Mindy NOW. I know better next time, as the next critter is already on paper. As a matter of fact, my husband added some more names to the list that I have started to name the Crazy Bunch, so I better get cracking.

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