Lil Ms Knitten

I went to the local library with my little daughter and we found the following book.


Cute enough to buy it now used from Amazon 🙂.


We did a little shopping at hobby craft and got her the first pair of knitting needles. We went for the kids version as they are plastic.


While she is learning the basic knit stitch I got slightly carried away with my first Lil Ms Knitten 🙂. Working on the feet…


… trousers, jumper…


… and TADA.

I added nose and mouth …


… a little bow …


… and a tail which are not part of the pattern in the book.


My first Lil Ms Knitten. A new one in my Lil Misfits collection 😀.


Our daughter was not feeling well having a bit of a cold, blocked nose and a cough. Feeling sorry for herself she asked if Ms Knitten could look after her over night as her teddy is not ready yet. Of course you can.

Thinking about it I took it another step further today not just adding some knitted parts, but gave Ms Knitten a job. I knitted a little bag and placed a small peace of fluorite and a piece of cotton wool with Olbas oil in her back.


Safely tucked away in the bag held together with a press stud. Our daughter is 8 so I trust her to leave it in there. Good night little one and good night Lil Ms Knitten 🙂.


Fluorite: … It is beneficial for colds, flu and sinusitis. Judy Hall/ The Crystal Bible/ p. 130


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