Candy Crazy

#2 in the

Crazy Bunch Collection:

A bunny in the making, but I made a different pattern so they are not all exactly the same.


I did have to make a second one because the bunny above was to big for the small fleece that I had left over.


Make sure you stitch everything on FIRST before you sew both halves together.


And here is the finished result.

Candy Crazy


Mindy Misfit + Candy Crazy



  • I bought some bonderweb, but was too lazy to cut it out and ironing it on so I just stitched everything on without it. Not really happy about it because it just highlights laziness. It also means that the patches will probably fray more than they would with it.
  • I made sure to leave a bigger opening this time and it worked out fine. I also closed it up using the ladder stitch this time which looks really tidy and “professional”. Well, at least better than Mindy Misfits seam and this is what is all about. You can only get better with practice.
  • I bought a bigger bag of purposely designed stuffing which works out a lot better than cotton wool.

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