It is done

The flowers for Yarndale are boxed and ready to be send. It is a cause raising awareness for Alzheimer making flowers for memoires.



These are all the flowers our 9 year old daughter has made. It is that easy even kids can get involved. Well, and easy enough for me to get involved too 😀


I have already made a start for the next project. The following is copied and pasted from facebook:

Have you heard about our Neonatal Unit’s bonding square project? One knitted square oximately 7×7 inches is placed with baby and another is worn againstmum’s skin, then the squares are swapped round every 12 hours or every time mum visits.
Below is little Billy Hayward who was born 12 weeks early and was just 1lb 10oz! 2 months on he is 4lb 3oz and is still on the Neonatal unit but is doing really well. Mum Jane uses the bonding squares and said they are a huge help in various different ways. First of all, they help with bonding because Billy can smell her even when she isn’t there or wasn’t able to get him out of his incubator, and then when she goes home she can still smell him on the square, which is a big comfort as she of course misses him. Not only this, but she told us it has really helped with expressing breast milk. Keeping the scent of the baby closeby triggers the hormones needed to produce and express the milk, which is very important as breastfeeding is a common problem in mothers with premature babies.
Jane really encourages anyone who has the time and ability to knit to make these squares for the unit, and Mum’s on the unit to make use of them because they have been such a great help to her. If you’d like to get involved in this project please comment on this post or email for details!

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