It has been a while

WOW, breath taking colours that my mobile can’t capture.


It has been a while but I have been busy. Pilates instructor training completed which took a lot of work, but it is now one part that I can tick off.

I have found this magazine today at WH Smith and did not want to get it, but gave in. The first one is only 99p which is ok for what you get, but the ones that will follow soon will cost £2.99 one each week which is just to much for what it is. I bought a couple of issues for knitting, but stopped because of the price. Now the crochet one. NNNOOOOO!


Haven’t really crochet much lately, but I am working on a second baby blanket which will go to the foodbank although Salvation Army has also been pointed out to me. Will see how it goes.


I have made a start on the first bonding squares. Please see here for more information and I have made a start on my first hat also to be donated. Phew, looks like I am busy and need to make sure I finish all the work rather than starting more.


Our 9 year old has also been busy. She made her first scarf on the loom in her favourite colours used by her favourite Monster High character Elissabat 🙂.


And a super size butterfly to practice because I am sure they are a little bit to big 😉 to be used by  SIBOL to be stitched on blankets. If you want to take part then please see here foe further details

I think little one has done a good job and hopefully she will keep in going because I am hopeless at crafting 🙂.


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