Happy Autumn Equinox

A little late but better than never 😉.

Little set up in the bedroom for autumn. 




Keeping it home and hearth themed a hearth stone, little cauldron and carnelian crystals associated with Brigid. We found some conkers and I placed down 3.



Orbs and votive by Starry Eyed Supplies handmade by Jo Morris.
The incense is filling the house which is also by Jo and called Last dance of herbal trees.
Autumn is here and it is reflected in the weather. It is cloudy and it is cold.


Listening to the starlings go mad around here, but it was earlier interrupted by one very loud sound by a crow 🙂. It makes me smile because I asked in my mediation earlier for a sign that Brigid is around and actually asked for the crow. Why? Because we only hear them in the morning (if at all) and I miss them for the rest of the day 😦. This ONE crow sounding off a little AFTER the mediation was therefore a sign to me 🙂 . It would have been awesome to receive the sign while I was meditating, but I can live with that. It was just one quick loud and very close by calling. And then nothing again. Maybe back in the morning.

For the meditation I am using an oil blend from Starry Eyed Supplies called A Witches Garden Spell Oil. I place some on my wrists and fan it into my aura like I have been shown years ago by a reiki teacher and aura soma practitioner. Then I hold it in my hand like others hold crystals … It varies. I am not set in my way nor in a practice. Going with the flow.



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