Angels on my path pushing their way in. I have always considered them to be a Christian concept which is wrong. Are angels fluffy? Are they frightening? I guess there is only one way to find out and it depends who you work with and how. Same can be said for deities you work with or a path you walk …

The bible gets quoted around me a “lot” by NON Christians when it comes to the subject angels. They say that Doreen Virtue has turned the subject fluffy like people complain that Silver does this to Wicca. Hm, we all have our own journey and what fits one, does not fit the other. Belittling anybody about what they do or don’t do is not the way forward. What I like to question thou is, since when is the Bible a reliable source?


Pinned but can’t find the source anymore. THIS IS NOT MINE

“… Firstly I would like to state that I am speaking from personal opinions, and experiences. My word is not law, and I have no delusions of being absolutely correct. Yes, angels are more widely associated with the Judeo-Christian faith, and if you look anywhere you will find that most facts about angels are drawn from the Bible or Tora. However I feel it is important to acknowledge that angels can be found depicted long before the bible. Depictions of winged guardians can be found as early as Egypt or even perhistoric cave painting. These winged beings have been associated with protection and the divine long before God supposedly even created them.

The Christianity has negelected to mention many key angels in the Bible and has even antagonized a great many of the angels, simply because these angels stood for something that the Judeo-Christian faith did not believe. Camael, Samael (Often associated with Satan), Metatron and Shekinah (whom represent the equal balance of the masculine and feminine). And let us not forget of course Lucifer. Honestly angels are awesome, I can’t blame Judeo-Christianity for wanting to lay claim to them. However angels are not solely Christian, they are creatures of love, protection, and faith. They come to those that believe, and they certainly seem to like magic.

Pinned but can’t find the source anymore. THIS IS NOT MINE


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