New Moon Tarot Spread


New Moon reading with a layout by Ethony from Tarot Readers Academy.

I did not feel 100% so was already in bed with my Victorian Fairy deck when I took the photo.

Ethony’s page has got an explanation for this spread which I have now filled in with my own reading. I think this is my first one ever that goes beyond a one card reading.

1. Moon Energies – Goblin Market/ The Devil – destructive addiction
2. Energy Assist – Queen of spring – reveling in the joy of life ( that can be found within instead of looking for it on the outside all the time/ back to the addiction)
3. Goals – The Fool – a spiritual journey begins with the new moon with the goals out of sight at this point, but every journey starts with the first step.
4. Drift – Herald of Autumn – Be grateful with what you have got instead of looking for other things all the time.
5. Advice – Three of winter – stop listening to ego. She is bored and is trying to cause trouble reverting you back to the first card where the cycle starts all over again through this spread.


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