RANT ALERT ***** for all types of practitioners

As a yogi and yoga instructor I have been pondering over the notion of daily practice for some time. I want a daily practice to be uplifting and not an extra chore to be ticked off my list. It should enhance my life and be part of my life rather than being a separate entity. This also goes for my spiritual direction which is not the “usual” yogic style. I am OK with that and that is all that matters.

Pressure; should do; have too; told by; taught by; expectations … These words (can) create pressure and possibly failure before we even started.

These expectations sets up an all-or-nothing type of thinking that can leave us physically drained and mentally frustrated. This goes especially for me to the point of rather sticking to being an armchair practitioner than actually getting onto the mat or practice x, y or z. You have to do this. You have to do that. You have to …DAILY! What about how it FEELS to me? My needs change daily so I decide what practice is appropriate today. Not a book. Not a teacher. Not a guru. Not a calendar. Not a moon phase. Not a …. Nobody else but ME. If I think it is appropriate, then it will be done in MY way.

There is a ‘want’ and ‘need’ of belonging. We try and fit so we can identify with certain groups that set these expectations but often these expectations do not nurture our own soul and spirit. It can actually be detrimental, distressing, disheartening … to try and bend ourselves into certain shapes
to get accreditation and nodding support from like-minded people. If you receive the opposite then they are obviously not like-minded and it is maybe time to move on.

Instead you SHOULD 😉 feel inspired by YOUR practice that nurtures YOU on all levels. If that means you don’t fit in as a traditional yogi or as … and are even frowned upon then who cares?

We are missing out on life experiences because at the end it is but us that set our own limits in what we can and can’t do, by listening to what we should and should not do all the time.
Take your practice in your own hands and start shaping it from your own experiences which will take trial and errors. But these trial and errors will make sure you come out as a stronger practitioner on the other side by doing what feels right, real, authentic and true to YOU. Live your own practice, walk your own path.



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