My “Altar”

My latest set up on my shelf. I came across – Bliss Station – and quite like that term. Altar sound far to religious for me 🙂.
The items to the left and right have been made by Starry Eyed Supplies. While Soul Path on the left was created for me, Morgan le Fay was already in her shop. The set up is a reminder to myself that I follow my own spiritual calling if that agrees with others or not.


Soul Path specifically created for me.


Morgan le Fay set.


I take these oils, place them on my wrists, take a moment to set my intention and then fan the oil/ it’s energy into my aura. This is how I was taught years ago by my reiki and aura soma teacher.
I struggle at times doing things that can’t be seen, measured, proven … and feel silly about it. I don’t feel energies like other people do, so I do wonder at times how silly this is. Yet, just because I don’t get it does not mean I don’t believe it is there.


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