It has been about 2 years that husband took us to Wales for a holiday close to the sea. I am not a sea, sand and sun lover, but that is in the typical touristy sense. I wasn’t happy when we booked but knew it would be fun for our daughter. I quickly changed my mind once we got there. It was NOT the tourist type holiday/ beach that I expected and it was not warm as such either so nobody just lying around.
I don’t think I ever managed to recharge my batteries like I did here. Just sitting there in my big coat with the wind in my hair, the sound of the sea rolling in and out. Breathe! We even had rain most of the days but I did not care. I love the rain much to the dismay of our dog :-). I dragged her out Sunday morning in rather heavy rain and put a coat on her. We stopped under trees and just listened to the rain falling. The sound of water can be so relaxing. We even had thunder and lightening this week. Mesmerising.

We are now looking at booking again but like 2 years ago I am dragging my heels. I move house and even country more easily than going on holiday :-). I just keep telling myself that it will do me good.


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