Not sure if I have posted this image of Brighid before, but love it.
Brighid” by MoonSpiralart (Tammy Mae Moon)

Brighid (pronounced BREED) is the Celtic Goddess of Fire. She rules over many types of fire—the fire of the forge (as Goddess of smithcraft and metal working), the fire of the hearth (as Goddess of healing), and the fire of creativity (as Goddess of poetry). Brighid is seen as a triple Goddess, and she is associated with three different spheres—high (leaping flames, tall forts, wisdom), middle (hearth and home), and low (wells and sacred springs).

I see smithcraft in a modern day version as transformation on different levels. Instead of transforming metal into a weapon … I transform my body, mind, soul … or even creative input where you transform a material into something specific. For this transforming quality I associate the butterfly with Brighid.

Hearth and healing can be done through yoga, reflexology, reiki …

Wells and sacred springs – water – emotions but also healing. Sound massage with the body consisting of about 70% (more or less) water and these waves of sound travel through the body. Healing through relaxation by listening to the sound of rain … Healing through flower, crystal … essences.


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