Hidden Knowledge of Norse Myth

According to the Prose Edda (Snorri Sturlson p. xvii) Freya is the goddess of household prosperity. Strange how this is being kept quiet in many resources where love, beauty, war … seemed to be favoured. I guess household matters are not considered sexy enough these days. Instead Frigga has become more the patron of the home.



Watching the video below of somebody who has been reading the Edda many times over. According to this it does not say anywhere that she is a goddess of love and beauty. Modern interpretations of the gods and goddesses speak of attributes that have not been mentioned in older writings. This adds up with Coco Thespookylibrarian who has mentioned in one of her videos to focus on facts, history, scholastic research … first before looking at esoteric books.

It is confusing with so many different resources available to work out which ones are more or less authentic, and which ones are made up. I am not looking to reconstruct, but I would at least like to have a proper foundation based on facts.

6 thoughts on “Hidden Knowledge of Norse Myth

  1. hobbyie

    Njord and Skadi are similar to Shiva and Sati/Shakti. Shiva is known as Jyotir and many other names. Shiva and Sati had an ill fated marriage. Sati later incarnated as Parvati (Hera). 🙂

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      1. hobbyie

        Battle at Well of Magic. Vanir beheaded Mimir, suspecting trickery from Aesir. Odin nursed the head of Mimir. Head became immortal and advisor of one-eyed Odin.

        Battle at Ocean of Milk. Devas beheaded Swarbhanu (Rahu). Sinhika nursed the head and head became immortal and advisor of one-eyed Shukra.

        Decode Hindu Mythology blog by vineet aggarwal for Lokas and stuff. 🙂


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