New reading material 😜. When I started looking into Norse paganism I was surprised to find many pages with a disclaimer to distance themselves from any extreme views. I found it silly and unnecessary at first. Yet, over the last weeks searching the net I have come across sites that I left again rather quickly due to the content. Looking at some of the photos that I was presented with as soon as I entered the site made me stumble backwards. I am German and was surprised to see such extremes in photos as well as in text. Again, being German it made/ makes me feel sick and I do NOT want to be associated with that.
I now have the need to put my disclaimer out there just to clarify where I stand. So, in the words of Maria Kvilhaug (Lady of the Labyrinth/ YouTube) “… I have absolutely NO racial issues whatsoever and I really don’t give a XXXX about where anybody is from and what they look like …”
I hope that clears that issue up. Books that I show here are going to be a hit and miss. Some might cover these issues, but I will just ignore it and move on. Some books apparently have good and informative chapters, but maybe also some crap. Well, I guess you get that for any path. It is up to us as individuals to distance ourselves from bullshit. We have enough uncertainties and hatred in this world. Do we really have to add to it?



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