Freyja = Frigg
The more I read the more I find commonalities that say this is one Goddess that was later divided. There is even a name – Frija. I have read this before and I could not find the source anymore. It is in one of my books and one day I will find it again.
Day by day I seem to emerge deeper into Norse/ Germanic mythology … and I still stick with Frija as one Goddess. It works for me. No, it works WELL for me.

I also found some more info today confirming it:
For unknown reasons, part of this reinterpretation evidently involved splitting Frija into two goddesses, a process that appears to have never been fully completed, but was instead interrupted by the arrival and acceptance of Christianity.…/the-vanir-gods-and-godd…/freya/

There will be people that agree and there will be many that disagree. It does not matter. It needs to work for ME.


Frija > Frigg > Freyja > Holda > Holle …

To many commonalities/ correspondences that are being ignored and instead separation is brought in.

Here it is even said that Holle is the original and the others are aspects of her

Would like to see some sources to find out where it actually all came from.

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