De Agostini

I am such a sucker for crap. This was a magazine to collect many years ago when we were still living in Germany. My neighbour next door had it and I was quite jealous at the time. It is nothing to write home about, but I still liked them. They cover all the subjects that I am interested in. Angels, witchcraft (although I think more Wicca), Tarot, crystals, astrology, Yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, herbs … It is is fluffy and glittery yet I have been tempted into buying the first magazine. I tried for years to get it and now it popped up again. Our 10 year old will like this too. It does not mean I will continue much further than a few weeks. Let’s face it, the whole collection will cost a couple of £100 over the years and you get better books for that, but others buy shoes like mad, drink, smoke or whatever. I don’t. Feel like a little kid considering I am now a few years short of 50 🙂

Later update:
Checked website. Looks like this series is might be different and does not cover anything regarding herbs, witchcraft, Tarot … like they have in the past 😦

Later update:
WHSmith will only offer the first magazines. After that it is up to each individual to order from deagostini directly. Reviews are far to bad to risk it as it seems to be a nightmare when it comes to cancelling a subscription 😦

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Birthday flower from last week 😊
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Spot the robin 😃
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Car journey

I hope you all had a nice few days. We are travelling up North in the moment to see family. 3 1/2h there and back again as well 😦.
Started to read Sinsational: Gritty Spirituality for modern women/ Alice Grist and the first words already hit home.
Don’t let 2017 be another year where we just focus outwards.

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Travelling is soooo boring. Wonder how they feel. Probably freezing
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Where am I :-)?

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In the goddess shop. Looks definitely like an angel to me. I was very dissapointed to hear that this is not sold as a small print. Far to big and at £795 a little bit to expensive. Picked up a substitute instead.
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As I could not get the other image in small I bought this one instead. White feathers still remind me of an angel although this is Bridie from the goddess collection.
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Bought in The Speaking Tree in Glastonbury. I could go mad in there so had to leave.
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