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Full Moon


The above image is by Carolina Gonzalez which I bought many years ago.

A few days now of weird and wacky dreams leading up to this full moon. I see entries regarding it as a super moon and I wonder if that has added the extra punch of wacky to my dream 🙂.
Moon yoga flow and full moon meditation to acknowledge the energies of the Full Moon. I am not ritualistic inclined so this works much better for my path. Well, it can be seen as a ritual, but it is not of a magical nature.

Moon Hare, moonstones and I am using incense from Starry Eyed SuppliesSimply Starry Smudge – Moon Temple 


I do not use charcoal because I don’t like it especially indoors. To use my moon base burner I simply placed the herbs/ resins in the top where you would fill water and essential oils and it works just as well. BUT, less the smoke and it gives just a subtle hint of sent which is ideal for me indoors.

Incense with a plea



A lot of incense has been burning this week and sending a plea out to the Universe. After many weeks of studying the time arrived to sit my anatomy and physiology level 3 exam. I felt really low for about 1 1/2 weeks thinking that it went really bad which means I would have to resit before I can pass my Pilates instructor training. Today I received the email saying that I passed.  WOO HOO! Now more incense has been burned sending out a Thank You with it 🙂.