My tree is growing. I have added some of my other orbs to it and an angel. The only orbs missing are the autumn once. A mixture of Celtic and Norse/ Germanic themed orbs all made by @starryeyedlillady
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Car journey

I hope you all had a nice few days. We are travelling up North in the moment to see family. 3 1/2h there and back again as well 😦.
Started to read Sinsational: Gritty Spirituality for modern women/ Alice Grist and the first words already hit home.
Don’t let 2017 be another year where we just focus outwards.

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Travelling is soooo boring. Wonder how they feel. Probably freezing
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Where am I :-)?

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In the goddess shop. Looks definitely like an angel to me. I was very dissapointed to hear that this is not sold as a small print. Far to big and at £795 a little bit to expensive. Picked up a substitute instead.
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As I could not get the other image in small I bought this one instead. White feathers still remind me of an angel although this is Bridie from the goddess collection.
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Bought in The Speaking Tree in Glastonbury. I could go mad in there so had to leave.
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Do I believe in angels?

Do I believe in angels?
I am working through a course and the question came up if you have to believe in angels to ask them for help. I find this a tricky one because I don’t think somebody would ask for their help in the first place if they did not believe. To answer the question, I don’t think you have to believe in order to ask for help. It is like reiki. It works if you believe in it or not. Crystals work if you feel their energy or not…

So, do I believe in angels? No, I do NOT believe in angels in the traditional, big winged … beings. I simply look at them as another form of energy. Energy is to abstract so I kept given angel imagery to give that type of energy shape making it tangible. I did not choose those images but they keep popping up. So I am telling myself that I am working with energy that is wrapped in the form of angel shapes. I hope this makes sense.

I have the block because I am not Christian and seem to fight the concept of angles, but if I give it the shape of fairies … I have fewer results than working with the image of angels in my mind.

Don’t use any imagery you say. Well, I seem to be unsure in how to do that. It needs to be visible for me as a reminder, and I think to make sure that I am working with the energy/ frequency … that I am suppose to tap into. If I don’t then I seem to lose that connection to the energy/ frequency that is calling me and I am not getting anywhere. Like talking to yourself. Running on the spot….